Asbestos Discovered In Pennsylvania Fire Department Building.

Firefighters risk their lives every day. Upon taking the job, firefighters know they are going to have to risk serious injury from smoke and fire, but choose to do it regardless in order to protect and save lives. What they might not expect, however, is to risk their lives every day while at the firehouse because of the presence of hazardous materials within the building itself. But this was exactly what all of the Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania fire fighters had to deal with.

City officials have now approved a renovation project for the firehouse. That approval came after asbestos had been discovered in the fire department building. The firefighters worked in an older building, which would explain why asbestos was originally used for parts of its insulation. But this also means that firefighters have potentially been exposed to dangerous asbestos spores for decades. According to, the Stroudsburg City Council expects it to be a $1.2 million renovation project to update the building so it is safe for humans and equipment.

Asbestos was once cheap, readily available, and praised for its insulation abilities and durability. While it may have been used for nearly a century without question in construction, we now know of the severely harmful effects of inhaling asbestos dust and spores. Asbestos exposure can lead to a plethora of illnesses and symptoms, with asbestosis and mesothelioma being two of the most deadly and common.

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