Construction Resumes on Massachusetts High School After Asbestos Delay.

After months of delay due to asbestos dangers, the Cornelius F. Dunn wing at the Danvers, Massachusetts High School is set to be demolished.

The building was supposed to be demolished in June 2012, but the demolition was halted when asbestos was discovered in adhesive material used to seal windows in the school. It is now set to be taken down in mid-October.

A contractor was called in to remove the asbestos under the supervision of the state Department of Environmental Protection.  That work has been completed, and crews can now continue the demolition.  Demolition crews will only be allowed to work from 3PM until 11 PM in order to avoid disruption while school is in session.

The majority of the material from the Dunn wing is set to be recycled, and any bricks or other materials contaminated with asbestos will be disposed of in a special container.

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