New York Public Library Set To Temporarily Close For Asbestos Removal.

The Bloomingdale branch of the New York Public Library, located at West 100th Street and Columbus Avenue, is set to close at the end of this year for several months for repair, restoration and asbestos abatement.

The 51 year-old building has not been restored or repaired in several decades. Joseph Soldevere, a spokesperson for the New York City’s Department of Design and Construction, has confirmed that substantial asbestos abatement will take place during the restoration. Soldevere stated that asbestos abatement is routine for buildings of this age, and that the abatement team will follow all of the local, state and federal protocols with regard to safe asbestos removal.

The library is expected to close in December, and the restoration and abatement work will likely continue for a period of at least three months. In the meantime, Amy Geduldig, public relations manager for the New York Public Library, confirmed that the building remains secure and safe for public use.

After the restoration, the building is expected to have significantly less asbestos, and better heating, improved windows and lighting and a reconstructed façade.

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