25.6 Million Pounds Of Asbestos Waste Removed And Disposed Of In 2015 Alone And That Number Continues To Rise.

Asbestos removal is an important aspect of preventing asbestos-related diseases. Most of the asbestos in the United States today can be found in what were once legal uses, especially in older buildings and homes. Removing the toxin can greatly limit exposure for families living in these homes or workers who do their jobs in older buildings.

In the 1970s, reports show the United States used more than 800,000 tons of asbestos in just one year, which frequently could be found in construction of these older buildings as well as in many consumer products. With such heavy past use, thousands of buildings, homes, and schools throughout the nation still contain asbestos. In an asbestos scoping document from the summer, the Environmental Protection Agency reported that over 25.6 million pounds of asbestos waste was removed and disposed of just in 2015. The amount of asbestos waste has been increasing each year. But there is still a long way to go to remove the remnants of all past uses of the toxin.

Though asbestos is not considered a risk as long as the materials are undisturbed and in good condition, any damage to the materials–including general aging, construction or renovation, or even damage from storms–can lead to the release of asbestos fibers into the air. Exposure like this can develop into a number of serious health risks over time, including mesothelioma. While abatement can help protect families, it is not always an available solution. Asbestos abatement can be quite expensive, and a cost that many lower or middle-income families cannot easily afford. This leaves many at risk of being infected without even knowing it.

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