Australian Agency Develops Asbestos Course for Home Renovators to Lessen the Dangers From Asbestos.

Both the Cancer Council and the Department of Health of Western Australia have announced the launching of a new online course to educate “do-it-yourself” homeowners about the dangers of asbestos, how to spot asbestos, and how to handle its cleanup.

Australia is in a difficult struggle to protect the public from asbestos. The country has a high prevalence of mesothelioma, asbestosis and other cancers tied to asbestos exposure. In fact, Australia ranks as the nation with the highest rate of asbestos related cancer per capita in the world. Many of Australia’s asbestos related wrongful deaths are among miners and maintenance workers that are regularly exposed to the deadly mineral in the course of their employment.

A spokesperson for the Australian Cancer Council recently stated that asbestos related illnesses among homeowners have the potential to constitute the “third wave” of asbestos caused deaths in the country. Homeowners who take on “do-it-yourself” projects in their homes may disturb asbestos fibers and unwittingly become exposed. The new online course, dubbed “knNOw asbestos in your home,” is designed to give homeowners a crash course on detecting and safely handling small amounts of asbestos during home remodeling projects. The course is filled with cheap and fast tips and tricks to detect asbestos and to safely remove it.

The Cancer Council spokesperson stressed that homeowners should only attempt to deal with asbestos on their own if it is in a very low quantity. Homeowners should call licensed asbestos removers in case the amount of asbestos is large.

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