Navy Shipyard Worker Sues After Extended Exposure to Asbestos.

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Robert Gottshall was a U.S. Navy shipyard worker. He was exposed to asbestos while he worked with Navy vessels.

His claim was originally filed in California. Mr. Gottshall developed mesothelioma and then sued the Crane Co. and seventeen other defendants in 2010 because of his exposure to asbestos. A few months after he filed his lawsuit, Mr. Gottshall passed away and left his daughter to finish pursuing the suit.

The lower court issued a judgment in favor of the defendant, Crane Co. The California appeals court has just recently reversed the ruling of summary judgment in favor of the defendant, and has sent the case back to the trial court for a jury trial. When Ms. Gottshall, the daughter, sued six additional parties, the case was transferred to a Pennsylvania federal court. The Pennsylvania court had previously granted summary judgment in favor of General Dynamics Corp., a defendant in a similar case. The San Francisco, California Supreme Court used the Pennsylvania court’s ruling in determining that the Crane Co. was not liable for the injuries. They said that Mr. Gottshall should have understood the dangers of working with asbestos materials during the course of his employment.

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