New Chinese-Built Locomotives Pose Asbestos Concerns.

KiwiRail’s new Chinese-build locomotives, which cost New Zealand $130 million, has been nothing but trouble since they first arrived in 2010. This time, the issue stems from the deadly contaminant asbestos, which has been found on at least forty freight locomotives. This could pose a potential risk to the lives of rail workers’ drivers and engineers.

It was recently discovered that toxic asbestos was used to help with soundproofing the locomotives. Found under flaking paint, the scare has prompted the disablement of forty locomotives. Although it doesn’t appear at this time that the deadly fiber became airborne, rail workers are still concerned for their health. Union officials are calling the problem appalling, saying workers will not drive the locomotives again until asbestos is removed.

As it turns out, New Zealand’s contract with Chinese manufacturers specifically stated it would not use asbestos in the trains. Now, KiwiRail’s older locomotives will have to suffice until New Zealand can clear the Chinese-made locomotives of asbestos.

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