Reports Indicate That Increase In Renovations In Massachusetts Leads To Greater Asbestos Exposure.

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Recent reports suggest that, unfortunately, the number of asbestos exposure incidents is likely to only increase in the next few years.  While asbestos has been banned from construction and insulation goods, there are still thousands of homes in the Commonwealth that were built before the ban. Many of them contain asbestos.  As renovations and reconstruction increases in Massachusetts, so too does the potential risk to workers being exposed to asbestos and other harmful substances

According to, workers are routinely confronting asbestos that was woven decades ago into ceilings and floor tiles, blown into walls or wrapped around boilers and heating pipes as insulation or a fire retardant. Registered asbestos-removal projects in Massachusetts hit an all-time high in 2015 of 23,756, up more than 50 percent in five years.  It is crucial that workers and construction managers maintain a vigilant eye for signs of asbestos and use the proper safety equipment and guidelines; otherwise, potentially lethal exposure to asbestos spores could be the result.

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