Workers Exposed to Asbestos While Repairing Houston, Texas Water Main.

Officials from the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (“ADAO”) reported on November 13 that repair work on a city water main in Houston, Texas exposed numerous workers to asbestos. This asbestos exposure significantly increases the workers’ risk of developing an asbestos related disease, such as mesothelioma or asbestosis.

According to the ADAO, the workers were not informed of the risk of asbestos exposure, nor were they given any safety equipment as they cut into the asbestos containing water pipes using power saws and sledge hammers.  The cement pipes were approximately 35% asbestos, thereby exposing the workers to significant dangers of injury and illness.

ADAO officials maintain that the asbestos was released into the air and likely breathed in by the workers as they unknowingly cut into the asbestos-filled pipes.

The ADAO is urging municipal, state and federal employers to identify any other water mains than may contain asbestos in order to avoid future asbestos exposure. These employers are also being asked to notify the workers who already repaired the water main of the potential health risks resulting from asbestos exposure.

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