Dow Chemical Announces Appeal Of $5.95 Million Jury Award In Mesothelioma, Asbestos Exposure Case.

After a recent $5.95 million jury verdict in favor of a former contractor against Dow Chemical for asbestos exposure, representatives of Dow Chemical have announced on September 1, 2013 that the company will appeal the verdict.

Sidney Mabile worked for an electrical contractor when he was sent to perform work at a Dow Chemical facility. At the trial of Mabile’s claim against Dow Chemical, the jury found that Dow Chemical knowingly exposed Mabile to asbestos fibers while Mabile was at Dow Chemical’s Louisiana facility. This exposure eventually led Mabile to develop mesothelioma, a devastating rare form of cancer that causes most of the body’s organs to disintegrate. Mesothelioma is incurable, and is considered a death sentence in the medical community.

In his case, Mabile presented a number of internal documents from Dow Chemical which showed that the company recognized that some portion of its workforce would be at a high risk of cancer from asbestos exposure. Nevertheless, Dow Chemical allegedly determined that it would be most cost efficient to continue to use asbestos in the manufacturing processes, despite the risk of death and serious injury to its employees.

Dow Chemical representatives contend that the jury ignored credible evidence that Mabile was exposed to asbestos elsewhere, and that Dow Chemical did not cause his fatal illness.

As the litigation enters into the appeals phase, the waiting process for the plaintiff continues, and Dow Chemical is not required to satisfy the jury verdict.

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