NY Mesothelioma Victims Are Awarded $25M By NY Jury.

Exposure to the dangerous chemical asbestos can lead to the development of the potentially deadly disease called mesothelioma. Unfortunately, some companies knew how dangerous asbestos was, but used it anyway, thereby exposing their employees to its harmful effects. If you or a loved one has been exposed to asbestos, and has developed mesothelioma, please don’t hesitate to call our Boston mesothelioma expert attorneys at 617-787-3700 or email us at info@gilhoylaw.com. Our experts will fight on your behalf to hold companies responsible for using dangerous and deadly chemicals.

The family of former New York resident, Selwyn Hackshaw, was awarded $10 million for Mr. Hackshaw’s pain and suffering and other injuries during the time leading up to his death. The New York jury deliberated for two days before handing down their verdict against the defendant, the Crane. Co.

Before moving to America, Mr. Hackshaw worked as a pipe fitter and electrician at a water distillation plant. He was also employed at a Shell Oil Refinery in Curacao, a Dutch Caribbean island near Venezuela.

From 1957 to 1964, Mr. Hackshaw worked with hundreds of valves made by the Crane Co. His job was to install, repair and renovate those valves, which included applying and later removing asbestos from the valves. He also worked with a special material to make custom valves on site. That material was made up of nearly 75-85% asbestos. Before his death, Mr. Hackshaw was able to recall dust clouds of asbestos floating around his worksites.

A Crane Co. employee testified at the trial that the company had been aware of the dangerous effects of asbestos since the 1930s. While they knew that exposure to the chemical could be deadly, the company nevertheless recommended that asbestos continue to be used in its own products and specifically pushed asbestos products on their customers. According to the evidence presented in Mr. Hackshaw’s case, the company never once warned their employees about the hazards of asbestos.

Mr. Hackshaw was diagnosed with mesothelioma in late 2012. Before contracting the cancer, Mr. Hackshaw was a marathon runner. He also regularly went to his local YMCA to swim and play racquetball, but spent the last four months of his life in bed. During that time, he could barely breath, and couldn’t even feed himself. Mr. Hackshaw lost his battle with mesothelioma in August of 2013.

Mr. Hackshaw’s case was combined in court with the case of another victim of the Crane Co.’s horrific asbestos exposure policies. The co-plaintiff was awarded $15 million for his injuries. He is still alive today, but he suffers from the debilitating disease every day. The family’s attorney said that the verdicts sent a strong message to companies that once produced asbestos products and are now trying to hide their involvement and shirk their responsibility.

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