Settlement In Asbestos Case After $12 Million Jury Award.

James Grumley was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2006 after having been exposed to asbestos during years of working as a boiler mechanic in a paper mill. The boiler itself was covered with asbestos cement, asbestos rope packing and asbestos gaskets.

Grumley and his family sued Garlock Sealing Technologies, the company that manufactured the asbestos that Grumley was exposed to. A jury awarded the plaintiffs $12 million, but the parties reached a settlement after the jury verdict had been read for an unspecified amount.

According to Grumley’s attorneys, Garlock could have prevented Grumley’s cancer by removing the asbestos after it learned of its deadly effects, but the company instead hid the health effects of asbestos for decades.

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