Town of Guilford, Vermont Set to Vote on Proposed Asbestos Removal at Local School.

The Guilford, Vermont School Board will ask its Town Meeting participants to decide and vote on whether a contractor should remove asbestos from the Guilford Central School.

The School Board is seeking the town’s permission to spend $18,167 as the first installment on a three-year loan to remove the hazardous construction material from the school.

The entire project on removal of the asbestos would take place in the summer of 2013, after the school enters its summer recess. The loan, however, would be paid back over a period of three years.

School officials have long known of the presence of asbestos within the building. The material was not removed, however, because it was believed that it did not pose any significant risk of asbestos exposure injury to students or faculty. School officials have been following a plan approved by the federal Environmental Protection Agency to make certain that the asbestos poses no risk.

Following a debate over whether to remove the asbestos or leave it alone, the School Board has decided to move forward with removal due to the favorable quotes from bidders that they received for the removal effort.

The future of the asbestos removal project now depends on voter approval at the upcoming Town Meeting.

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