Wait For Asbestos Clean-Up Angers Town.

Asbestos was left on a street near a construction site in a British town for too long, according to residents of the town.

Workers who were demolishing the Wincobank Workers Men’s Club realized that the debris from the building contained asbestos and notified the proper authorities.

Despite this prompt notification, the debris remained on the street for 13 days before a crew came to clean it up.  This slow response angered residents as asbestos is known to be a very dangerous substance.

According to local authorities, the response was as quick as possible. These same authorities claim that the delays were caused by weather, analyzing the debris to see if it was asbestos, finding an available asbestos removal team and an argument about where the asbestos came from. However, they intend to review their asbestos removal procedures to see if they can act more quickly in the future.

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